Thursday, December 22, 2011

Dragon Quest V Diary: Part 6

(Have you read Part 5? Or maybe you'd like to check out the rest Dragon Quest V Diary.)

Rubbing the crust out of my eyes from a deep slumber inside the comfy confines of a Reinhart hotel, I see a weapons shop across the way.

I load up on...I don't know, stuff? Whatever you use to kill people with. I gave my slime a Steel Fang, but only because it's self-cleaning, and his old teeth were...phew. Also, it does a lot of damage.

Inside the castle, Henry pulls me aside and tells me that I shouldn't mention his real identity to anyone, so we can stay on the down-low. I tell him that's a stupid idea, he doesn't respond because he's a videogame character.

There isn't much to find out, here in Reinhart, now that Henry's on the lam, so I decide to check out the bar/dining area. That's when I met this cheery bunch:

It seems these guys were part of the army that raided Santa Rosa. So, the king of Reinhart thought, after Henry was kidnapped, that my father, who died trying to save the little brat, was the kidnapper? So he pillaged our home town. Alright. It's gonna take a little more than a bouquet of flowers to fix this for me. Box of chocolates, at least.

No cherry-filled ones, either. Those things are nasty.

Henry mentions that we should look for a secret passageway into the throne room and what Henry wants, Henry gets, so lets go.

After (multiple) hours of searching, I found a boat docked outside the castle. After (half) an hour of more searching around the moat around the castle, I found a passageway underneath the bridge. Now, you've seen screenshots of this game, probably played a SNES JRPG or two hundred, you understand the perspective. "Underneath the bridge" looks like this:

See what I mean?

Well, it is pretty secret, I'll give it that.

Inside the passageway, there's a waterway that ends in an underground church-type affair that effectively communicates YES, YOU ARE INDEED ENTERING A DUNGEON.

...Which we'll explore next time.


Next Time: I just told you. Are you deaf? Or, blind, rather. Nah, know what? I'm not saying it again. Eff it.

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