Wednesday, May 20, 2009

We've reached the point of no return!!!

"Hey doc', what does that mean?"
"O that? Once we get past that point, it's to late to turn back!!"

I don't think it's quite that dramatic, I like to pretend that it is. Cause the third Back to the Future movie was totaly kick-ash.
But. Alas. We ourselves have reached an important milestone!

I have finished (at least to the point where it is usable) a little tool in which it will be possible for Nick to work on our levels. I don't want to call it a level editor cause it's worse then that.

here's a pic of me debugging it in Visual Studio...

Now Nick can install it and start telling me what he doesn't like about it.

You're Spoiled, but That's Why We Love You.

What!? You've been refreshing the page ever since we announced our 'First' game? But, it's not really our first game! More of a side-project, you silly ragamuffin!

Well, refresh-no longer, Thunder-lings!


Bob and Jim: The Dead Prince

Yeah, I finished two games in the time I said I'd make one, but can you really complain about it?
The games are made in a game making tool called RPG Maker, a program I have enjoyed for years for its easy-to-use text system. I enjoy writing and story-telling, so this is a good program for that.

Anyway, stop listening to me pontificate and START PLAYING that which I have created.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Introducing: The ThunderWare Forums

I understand your love for ThunderWare has grown to almost an unhealthy level. After all, there's no outlet for such an obsession. You spend your nights tossing and turning, aching for ThunderWare news.

Good news, ThunderWare-ers! The ThunderWare Forums be erected in thy honor!


Post as much as you see fit! Don't do anything to upset the flow or smoothness for the other ThunderWare-ers. No racial, sexual, religious, or body odor remarks. I will find you. I will watch you while you sleep. I WILL shave off your eyebrows. I will email your friends and family photos of your eyebrows, or lack thereof. And I will continue to do this for the rest of your life.

Now, I know what you're gonna say, "Does he have it in him to shave off the eyebrows of everyone who crosses for the rest of his life?" Well, you're just going to have to ask yourself one question. Are you prepared to take that risk? You owe it to your eyebrows that much, right?

Saturday, May 16, 2009

ThunderWare's First Game?

(UPDATE: This post has been deemed irrelevant. (Update payed for by the Association to Update Old Posts For Some Reason (AUOPFSR)))

That's right, QUESTION MARK, baby. I know, we've already posted two games. But this one is the most recent. And, no, it's not our main game. Not even close. Just a little game I made on the side. Er...making. I'm not done.

In a few days, a "Game I'm Making On the Side" will be squeezed out of my game-making hands, ready for you - Joe Public. Pretty exciting, eh? Especially in contrast to our other games. Man, so exciting.

The name? (Name has been deleted in post update. Makes it mysterious, doesn't it?)
Wordy. Cheesy. Exciting. Family-Friendly. What else can you ask for?

- N. R. (A.K.A. The Guy With No Qualms, at )

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Quarter not Quarterly!

The Gamer's Quarter just put out a new issue! It has a really well written article about Ghosts n' Goblins and how addictive it is. A MUST read. Also a must read, an article about the greatest game of all time, and what made it so awesome. (Greatest game of all time is my own personal opinion.)

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

What's going on? I don't understand. The "no Qualms" blog sent us a memo saying they were going to have a cinco de mayo "Special". Where is this 'special' they promised? Maybe there asleep or maybe they can't log into blogger for some reason. W/e the reason is, im sure there really hard at work on there new post...that is really funny.

Friday, May 1, 2009

A League Of It's Own

As none of you know, Thunderware is a video game company. Meaning, we make video games. Right here, you'd expect a trailer or something for our game, but, no, no, no. Hah, we're not aywhere close to trailer-ready. BUT! I will force you to watch this -
Can't wait for Rocktober? Neither can I. Neither. Can. I.