Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Dragon Quest V Diary: Part 5

(Have you read The Rest of Part 4? Or maybe you'd like to check out the entirety of the Dragon Quest V Diary.)

The trip to Reinhart goes swimmingly. With the fishes, that is.

After finishing up in Santa Rosa, I hear there's some kind of cool thing in that cave where I saved that one dude in the beginning of the game. I'll investigate that later. For now, I'm on my way to Reinhart!

Actually, first, I had to stock up on some things. Then Reinhart.

Starting out my journey, as if only to hinder, I ran across a sea dividing me and Reinhart. How did I get there before? I've been to Reinhart, how is it that it's unreachable now?

Oh, there's a bridge.

Approaching the bridge, I am halted by a rather lonely-looking guard who tells me that the bridge is only drawn when I have the correct papers. Of course, Henry uses his debutante status to get us through. Either that, or he bullied him, I can't remember.

As he lets us pass, the guard tells me he had bad experiences with Prince Henry, but he doesn't mind.

Just let us through, already, man.

Before we set out again, Brown has to make a brownie.

On the way there, a thing riding a slime attacked me. It wasn't tough, but, still, it creeped me out. Of course, it also asked if it could tag along, to which I replied yes, cause why not? I got room. And as soon as I'm out of room I'm just gonna kick it out of my wagon, anyway. Plus, his name was Pierre. This team needed a little class, and Pierre was just the Slime Knight to do it.

Pierre would bring along fine cheeses whenever he could, just to perk up the gang. Oh, sure, he wasn't the strongest guy on the team (he is, after all, a dude precariously placed on top of a slime), but morale went up gangbusters when he joined up.

Also along the way, ran into this crazy guy:

So, on to Reinhart. Oh, no, nevermind, we're there.

Walking into the town of Reinhart, I'm greeted by a nice old man with a few words of encouragement:

Well. Uh. I guess I'll...just keep walking, then? Or maybe I'll just get some shut-eye at the inn, 'kay?

[Not pictured: Lost screenshot of Inn Lady charging 40 gold for a one night stay.]

40 gold!? What're you running here, sister? Do you even match your price to competitors? I was just in the Santa Rosa Inn and they charged a song. You know what that means? No, I'm not being hyperbolic, I mean I literally played her a song and she gave me a room. What's that? Why does it matter how much money I have? Well...4,120, alright? So, yeah, I can afford it. Oh, whatever, gimme the key.

End of Part 5

Next Stop: Castle Reinhart! I still have no idea what I'm going there for, but Henry wants to go, I guess. Oh, well, this hotel actually turned out pretty nice. They got those pillow mints.

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