Sunday, October 16, 2011

Dragon Quest V Diary: The Rest of Part 4

(Parts 1, 2, 3, and the beginning of 4 can be found here. The entire series will be collected under the Dragon Quest V Diary tag.)

I started out on my new journey as an adult by promptly beating a row of Slimes that attacked me as soon as I left town. After the battle, one of the Slimes (named Slalin) popped back up and asked if he could tag along. Of course, he's the weakest sort of monster in the game, but I decided that was a good jumping off point to get my Pokemon on in this game. Also, I didn't want to be rude.

After a little palling around with him (and having to revive him after every battle that didn't involve me killing all the enemies myself in one turn), another, stronger monster asked to join the party. Disturbingly named "Brown", he was a much better addition to the gang, though I hated to relegate Slalin to the wagon where all the unused monsters go (what I've cleverly deemed the 'Monster Wagon'), but he understood it was for the good of the team. Every once in a while, I can hear the faint sound of crying coming from the Monster Wagon, but it's usually drowned out by the battle music.

With a full party in tow, I felt like there needed to be something I was meant to do, now that I'm an adult. Bar? Been there. Lost $1000 on drinks. Casino? $2000. Strip joint? Oh, I can't even remember how much I lost there.

People told me of a town to the North, though. Which is odd, cause that's what people said in the last town. How far North am I going? "Is this the search for Santa?", I said to myself. No one heard. No matter, at least it's a direction. So I went there and, surprise, it's my old home town, Santa Rosa. I had no idea that last town was so close before. Guess I should've taken a moment or two to look around down there.

When I got there, the town looked exactly the same. Except, of course, for the fact that each building now had a great big chunk out of it, and bricks and cinder lay everywhere.

A man stands inside his house, talks about the terrible tragedy that has befallen the town.
"A terrible tragedy has befallen our town."
Oh, really? I hadn't noticed the fact that we are currently OUTSIDE.
As sobering a look at this town was, there wasn't too much to learn about or do. So further North, I traveled.

Oh, okay, that's a mountain range. [Not Pictured: The Mountain Range. Or, at least the Range of Mountains You Can't Cross. Sorry.] Alright, then, west!

West was my other old town, Alcapa. In Alcapa, I asked a bunch of people if they knew who Bianca (my short-lived childhood girlfriend) was, to which they scoffed, said "no", and told me to stay at the inn. So I did. Nothing better to do. In the middle of the night, Henry woke me up to talk about his old castle. What I WANTED to say was, "So, you don't think we've had enough problems, both of our fathers being killed, us becoming slaves for ten years, your younger brother whom everyone loved is now king, and now I learn everyone I know and love is now dead from some attack on the village, and you want to visit your castle because you're a little homesick?", but the game only has "Yes" or "No" answers, and they didn't even supply me with that choice, anyway, so we're going to Reinhart, I guess.

Other things that happened there: I bought an herb. I looked inside a jar somewhere and found a small medal, after which the game asked me if I wanted to send it to the "Medal King", to which I meant to reply "No! Medal King ain't gettin' none of my medals!", but then I accidentaly hit "Yes", so now I'm medal-less and the Medal King has one more medal, as if he needs them. Also, that woman in the bunny outfit who made fun of me as a kid? This is what she had to say:

I would like a yes, please.

Next time: Getting ready for the trip to Reinhart, the trip to Reinhart, being at Reinhart, and Brown antics.