Friday, May 6, 2011

Introducing Station

This is something I meant to post WAAAYYY long ago, before we released Station to the world. I thought it might be interesting, cause we never talked about Station anywhere else.

Never introduced it or explained what it is. Just pooped it out and didn't talk about it. Which I guess requires a little explanation why.

Basically I came up with this game idea years ago and originally made it in DOS, using qBasic, but never really 'finished' it.

Through the years I would start it up again, get to the point where you could move ships around and technically play a game between two people. But never actually cracked the nut of AI. Which was kinda my whole point and what I really wanted to get to.

About the 8th time around I was learning XNA and I figured it would be interesting to see if I could get this game working. I did and actually got around to making the AI work.

I was pumped to say the least.

So we decided to enter it into a competition and were readying a special build with threaded loading but there was a bug somewhere and I couldn't find it. It would randomly crash and I had no idea why.

That coupled with the realization that XNA is really awesome if your making stuff for yourself, or you know it will only run on the xbox, but really is a horrible experience if you want it to run on other peoples machines; made me not pumped.

Thats when I made Cygnus.

Then After Cygnus, Nick and I had a conversation and decided to release the older version of Station that we knew worked.

But by that time I was tired and really sick of thinking about Station (and also ashamed of using XNA.) So I just uploaded it and called it a day. Then Slept.

So without any further ado, the Station explanation starts here uncut...

We have a few smaller games on that sidebar over there, labeled "Tony's and Nick's Games", but we've been working on something a bit more ambitious. Namely, 3-D.

It's called Station. It's a cross between chess and Advanced Wars. Oh, what a lovely combination that is.

On an 8x8 grid, you control a Fighter and a Station. The Station builds, the Fighter fights. It's a tiny bit more complicated than that, but the game prides itself on being a simplified, turn-based alternative to the more complicated and hectic games like Starcraft or Age of Empires.

There's a level editor, too, for those who are interested. Or Customater(tm), as we call it.

And remember, us being fans of custom maps, we want your submissions! We may release map packs from time to time. Thunderware-Made and Fan-Made.

Although it's our first foray into more ambitious projects, it's still free, so if you're not sure whether to pick this one up or not, I just made the decision for you.

History Lesson:
This has been a personal project of mine for a very long time. I've redone it about 8 times in different programming languages on differant operating systems, starting on DOS. The original was ASCII-based. And I mean REALLY ASCII-based. That got deleted somehow. In fact, something always happened when I would try to make this game. But not this time. This time, it's finished.

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