Thursday, May 5, 2011

Breadcrumbs 3: Athena

I've recently gotten access to a GameTap account. There are a lot of old interesting games that no one cares about anymore (but should).

I came upon a game called Athena. Never heard of it before, I don't know anything about it.

I recorded a video of me playing..

It does some interesting things in the beginning to explain a couple of ideas really simply.

After a short battle the player comes upon this lonely stump. After the player realizes theres a jump button and jumps over it (and takes care of that enemy), there confronted with this wall thats taller then there jump can take them.

After a short while it becomes apparent that if you whack it with an attack, it destroys bits of the wall letting you pass.

Another interesting little thing is that Athena can climb up and down vines.

With enemies spawning and power-ups making an appearance on top of this little hill, it becomes apparent that you should be able to get up there. Thats when you realize that you can climb a vine.

Then you see the vine going down and wonder; "If I can climb UP a vine, can I climb down?"

You do, to find out that theres a whole other level and that it goes up and down not just from left to right.

For the record I have no clue how to deal with the cupid enemy that shoots arrows at you. It seems absolutely unfair.

Also I'm skipping over how the very first thing that happens to the main character is that the wind blows her dress off. I'm going to take it as symbolism for Athena getting down to business.


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