Tuesday, July 21, 2009

It's Comic-ON!

Some pretty cool stuff happened this year.

Anyway, 34th annual Thunder-Con is coming up, and we're heating up the bunsen burner.
It's been cool all winter-long.
Cause it's been off.

Thunder-Con is a convention that takes place in PA, somewhere in someones basement.
Actually, it's not fair to call it annual, because it happens everyday.
When Timmy opens up his Christmas present.
When Dorothy gets that new kidney.
When your next-door neighbour gets ONE night of your dogs sweet silence.
It's all around us.
Thuhder-Con cannot be stopped, no matter how much I misspell it.
It's the little noise inside our hearts that tells us we're happy.
Or hungry.

It's the beat that our drum goes to.
Even if you play a different instrument, if you know what I'm saying.
What am I saying?
I don't know.
I don't care.
You should.
Let me stop and tell you why you should care about July 22nd, or Thunder-Con.

- It's Thunder-y
- It's Con-nie
- It celebrates that which brought you such
reveared and revolting titles such as:

[Edited to include more recent titles.]
-LAZY BA-...uh...I mean BUN-E III.

That isn't just a list of games we've scrapped up in our pasttime and named in all caps.
It's a list of games we scrapped up in our pasttime and named in all caps for THUNDERWARE.

If not for ThunderWhere, ware would you be?
Woops, sorry-
If not for ThunderWare, where would you be?

Get ready.
Get set-itized.

Thunder-Con is go.

- N.

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