Saturday, May 16, 2009

ThunderWare's First Game?

(UPDATE: This post has been deemed irrelevant. (Update payed for by the Association to Update Old Posts For Some Reason (AUOPFSR)))

That's right, QUESTION MARK, baby. I know, we've already posted two games. But this one is the most recent. And, no, it's not our main game. Not even close. Just a little game I made on the side. Er...making. I'm not done.

In a few days, a "Game I'm Making On the Side" will be squeezed out of my game-making hands, ready for you - Joe Public. Pretty exciting, eh? Especially in contrast to our other games. Man, so exciting.

The name? (Name has been deleted in post update. Makes it mysterious, doesn't it?)
Wordy. Cheesy. Exciting. Family-Friendly. What else can you ask for?

- N. R. (A.K.A. The Guy With No Qualms, at )

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