Wednesday, December 2, 2009


I've just been recovering from a bug these past few days, so I broke out my Dr. Katz DVD's and watched this all week -

It was either that or stare at my bucket full spew all week.

Now, it may or may not have been the Swine Flu or H1N1 or whatever you want to call it.
I don't know, does the Swine Flu make you repeat lines of the Satanic Bible in your sleep?

Yes? No?

Well, here are some pointers for when you get this dreaded disease:
- Make sure you have a loved one to mop up the mess when your gag reflex is tested on a regular basis with medicine that would make me vomit regardless of the state of my Immune System.
- Watch something static. (Ex: Dr. Katz, the wall)
- Eat a lot of hummus and cheese.
- Not too much.
- If someone comes over to hang out, make sure not to tell them you're sick so they think you just smoked a lot of pot and maybe ate nothing but jalepenos for breakfast.

Anyway, even though I was busy regurgitating all week, I did have some free time to fix up the 'Crap Temp Header' you may have seen on the Thunderware blog throughout the entire month of November, and the Message Boards now have a really cheap and quick header as well. Also, I fixed the News Fader on the forums so it's not so mind-meltingly slow.

In closing, I've been to three funerals this month, and I gotta tell yah...I'm just not a mourning person.

- Nick R.

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