Monday, September 14, 2009


holy smoke...
i am really sick of the crappy icons indies keep creating for there games. They spend countless hours crafting an awesome, fun thing, and then they make an icon thats 5x5 and looks like pixel vomit.

(But don't worry)

Big uncle tony is here to save the day. Please people open up photoshop, gimp or w/e and make a nice 256x256 image and convert it using this application(it's free). it will make your games look a little snazzier. the program is really straight forward. and an awesome feature is that it will keep the alpha data in the image.

It took me a long time, scouring the webs, to find it. But, if anyone knows or comes across a better utility(or writes a better one) please let me know.

possible improvements:
-doesn't need to be installed. (i hate having to install little tiny programs, it's a pet peave of mine.
-thats about all i can think of.
-oh! or if there is an easier way to convert bitmaps to icons.
-solutions must be free.

this post looks grumpy, but im going to leave it like that because i'm lazy.

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