Wednesday, April 15, 2009

DOS Chocobo World

I played final fantasy 8 on the pc a long time ago, and it had this little external program where you played a chocobo and you basicly did nothing.

U sat there and watched him run around, but I loved the music. And for some reason it intrigued me way more then ff8 ever actually did. So i m8de my 0wn verzion.

Here it is.

It was the first "complete" game I ever made. It's in dos, cause thats all i knew exzisted then. it’s all original code lol
the .EXE to run is CHOC.EXE thats where you play and save your chocobo thats you have sat there and watched grow. IF you and a friend both have a chocobo and you want to see who’s is stronger, run the VS.EXE and load them both in and they’ll both fight.
if for some weird reason you want to see who’s is faster, you can run RACE.EXE and they’ll race on a little coarse i made them. If there next to eachother in a race they’ll attack to slow eachother down.

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